Our Story

The Not So Perfect Mom, LLC. was created by Ashley James. Ashley is a wife and stay at home mama of 2. As a mom, our lives revolve around our kids and we sometimes forget about our needs and goals. She was no different. She felt lost and didn't know what she wanted to do in life. One thing she knew for sure was that she wanted to create an outlet to support and motivate mothers who felt like she did.

Social media mostly displays the "perfect" mom. You know - the snapbacks, happy smiles, cute outfits, and combed hair. When in reality, motherhood also includes the sleepless nights, unwashed dishes, and quiet breakdowns in the shower. The Not So Perfect Mom, LLC is an outlet that brings moms together to be unapologetically imperfect while doing the best we can. No mother is perfect and she created The Not So Perfect Mom to let all mothers know that they are not alone! We are all striving to be the best for our babies. Let us all embrace the unfiltered side of motherhood together! 

We're so excited for you to join our motherhood community! Thank you for your support from one mama to another!

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